About Us

Training Group Inc. was created to assist large and small businesses in proper onboarding and coaching techniques.  Our professional staff can assist with every need including personal, one-on-one training courses, and group training sessions.


Our company delivers an experiential learning atmosphere by utilizing a professional training staff.  Each presenter at TGI has been individually chosen as an expert within his or her field.  Every training session will consist of the most relevant and pertinent information plus breakout sessions to assist with the learning experience.


Training Group Inc. has been in business for over a decade (formerly National Seminar Institute) under the direction of Owner and Corporate Trainer, Mike Polites.  We define our success by achieving the highest level of client satisfaction possible. Are you interested in learning more about our company?  Read what our customers have to say.


Our Founder

Mike Polites, Owner and Corporate Trainer

Mike Polites teaches public speaking and interpersonal communication classes at the collegiate level. He has helped thousands of people overcome their fear of communicating. His belief that learning to be more comfortable communicating can truly benefit anyone in his or her career is a force that drives him.

As a past-president of a local Toastmasters International group, Mike became the Indiana State champion of Humorous Speaking. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication from Ball State University, he worked in sales and consulting for five years. During this time, he worked as a recruiter in high school classrooms, encouraging thousands of Indiana high school seniors to continue their education by going on to college.

Delivering over 500 dynamic and energetic presentations on effective communication, team building, and the power of a positive attitude, teachers frequently asked Mike to return as a guest speaker. In addition to his educational and teaching experiences, he served as a university ambassador while visiting Asia, Australia and Europe. He later went back to Ball State and obtained both a Certified Training Certificate and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with an emphasis on training and consulting in organizations.

Having facilitated numerous conference breakouts and workshops, his academic research interests include first year experience, service learning, humor, classroom civility, and teaching methodologies. His background as a stand-up comedian and work with TED Talks and his belief that a positive attitude is a key to success has enabled him to keep audiences engaged and smiling!

As a means of sharing his passion for quality communication, Mike began Training Group Inc. (formerly National Seminar Institute) in 2004. TGI facilitates communication training all over the United States. They pride themselves on learning about the client’s needs, and adapting a training program that fits. We look forward to working with you.


Where to Find Us:

Training Group Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Phone: 317.500.4861